Thursday, 5 February 2015

Essential Details of a Counselling Contract

Before a counselling or psychotherapy session begins, there should first be a mutual agreement between the counsellor and the client. This document will detail the responsibilities of both parties with regards of the relationship over the course of the counselling or psychotherapy. The document contains information of significant value.
Confidentiality is one of the most essential elements of the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor. The counselling contract should state that everything discussed during the session should only be between the counsellor and the client. In cases wherein the clients show tendencies to cause harm to their own person and others, then confidentiality may be broken.

Schedule and Duration of Therapy
The agreement should also detail the session schedules for the convenience of both client and counsellor. Typical sessions last for about an hour, but if needed, it could be extended or cut short. The duration of therapy should also be included in the contract. Note that each client may have different issues and thus require different types of therapy and duration.
Fees and Payment

Fees and modes of payment should be agreed upon by the client and the therapist. The counselling contract should contain the details like cost for each session, the preferred mode of payment like cash or check, and other relevant details. 

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